About us

23 years ago...

my new challenge came into our life.

3 years later, we went on our honeymoon by bike.
Packed and lowered with a tent, cooking pots and much more, all on 2 bicycles.

From campsite to campsite, from municipal to 4 stars, from North, East, South to West France and back,

All together we cycled 3800 km, through rain and wind, past fragrant orchards and grazing cows, up and down at full speed, apart and above all... enjoyed it a lot!

That's how the passion was born.
The desire to camp, to be able to start a campsite yourself.

4 children, a renovation and a well- functioning secondary profession later, the time has come...

Their water sports bug gave us the opportunity to try it for ourselves!

The poles with the cardinal directions on our campsite refer to our 7-week honeymoon.

The flags and the 8 m sail rope around the pole to our water sports microbe.

Editions 2022 and 23 were great! Edition 2024 starts now...

Everyone is welcome and enjoy this fantastically quiet campsite.

Peter and An